Wi-fi Router

A guide to buying a router

A router is an essential tool for connecting to the Internet. Routers connect to both your computer and your modem, allowing you to access the web. Think of it as a crossroads between your computer and your Internet connection. Buying a Router: You may be wondering what kind of router you should purchase. While there are…

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Yealink Announces Interoperability of Bluejeans

Yealink, leading global UC (Unified Communications) terminal solution provider recently made an announcement that its VC (video conferencing) endpoints, the T49G for desktops and VC110 for huddle rooms have achieved interoperability with their cloud-based video communications service, BlueJeans. These new endpoints join the VC120 and VC400 solutions as the latest BlueJeans compatible products in Yealink’s…

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boardroom technology

Employees high stress Levels with boardroom technology

According to Barco research, 9 out of 10 UK office employees undergo extremely elevated levels of stress whenever they deal with bothersome boardroom technology  during their meetings. The heart rates of employees rose to 179bpm at any time they grapple with technology in the course of a meeting as compared to the 60-100bpm heart rate…

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VoIP Makes the Workplace Smarter

Starting from smartphones all the way up to smart homes, smart technology is revolutionizing how we live and how we work. This is because digital technology remarkably simplifies getting connected to everything at all times, even towns and cities are becoming smarter. Currently, smart technology is bringing amazing changes to the workplace and with cloud-based…

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UK’s Broken Broadband

Since Ofcom’s long-awaited evaluation of the UK market has not yet taken place, and the decision on Openreach is still pending, we bring you a different outlook on how ‘UK’s Broken Broadband’ can be fixed by Tatros, the fibre optic provider; and they don’t hold back! The broadband of the UK faces a risk of…

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UK Broadband Survey Points Out Huge Variations Of Speed

uSwitch, UK’s well-renown price comparison service has unveiled a list of the download speeds that can be practically achieved in 42 cities and towns and it shows a wide gap between the fastest and the slowest speed. According to the list that was published by uSwitch, the town of Middlesbrough tops the list with an…

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