Voice over IP


Survey Finds that Small Businesses Seek Features of a VoIP System

Small businesses are moving more and more towards VoIP services for their telecommunications. According to a recent report from Software Advice, small businesses are still using mobile and landlines. But according to a survey of more than 350 small businesses in the UK during 2013-2014, many small businesses are interested in purchasing a new phone…

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VoIP Makes the Workplace Smarter

Starting from smartphones all the way up to smart homes, smart technology is revolutionizing how we live and how we work. This is because digital technology remarkably simplifies getting connected to everything at all times, even towns and cities are becoming smarter. Currently, smart technology is bringing amazing changes to the workplace and with cloud-based…

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UK’s Broken Broadband

Since Ofcom’s long-awaited evaluation of the UK market has not yet taken place, and the decision on Openreach is still pending, we bring you a different outlook on how ‘UK’s Broken Broadband’ can be fixed by Tatros, the fibre optic provider; and they don’t hold back! The broadband of the UK faces a risk of…

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UK Broadband Survey Points Out Huge Variations Of Speed

uSwitch, UK’s well-renown price comparison service has unveiled a list of the download speeds that can be practically achieved in 42 cities and towns and it shows a wide gap between the fastest and the slowest speed. According to the list that was published by uSwitch, the town of Middlesbrough tops the list with an…

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SIP Ups the Benefits of Migration

Nick Guite, Fixed Networks’ General Manager at BT Wholesale explains the reason he believes that resellers have a chance of driving positive change in businesses. Last year, Gavin Patterson the CEO of BT set a completion date for ISDN migration and stated that all consumers are going to be on the IP network by 2025.…

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Ofcom Confirms New BT Regulations

The Office of Communications, popularly known as Ofcom has established the new regulations for BT after it was recently unveiled that the giant’s infrastructure wing is taking an average of 48 days for installation of business lines. Ofcom, the government-sanctioned control and competition authority for the telecommunications, broadcasting and postal industries of the UK warned…

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