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Customers Stay Connected with Cloud-Based VoIP

A responsive contact centre plays a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality customer care and satisfaction which is a cornerstone of the success of a business. But then, conventional in-house systems of contact centre tend to be rather limited in their ability to deliver the type of service that current customers expect. This is…

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Beware Deals That Are Too Cheap

The General Manager of BT for Broadband services, Simon Brisbourne, says that resellers have to think wisely about building solutions around fibre deals that are rather cheap. Here are the five best reasons that he gives as to why BT fibre should be chosen. By June 2015, the BT fibre network had already availed connection…

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The office of apple.

Apple’s 13 Year Streak of Mobile Device Growth Comes to an End

Apple, the mobile device giant experienced its first decline in revenue for 13 years after the sales in all its device categories significantly slowed down. Typically, the iPhone brings in about two-thirds of Apple’s total revenue; the 51 million shipments in Q1 2016 were 16% lower than in Q1 2015 where 61 million devices shipped.…

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10 Best Android Apps for SIP and VoIP Calls

As technology keeps advancing our reliance on mobile networks keeps on reducing. A data signal can be accessed almost everywhere that a mobile signal is available and for the better part of the day most of us tend to use Wi-Fi. The advancement of technology has reached a point where talking via the internet is…

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