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Implementing a VoIP-based Network: A Guide

Let’s get started with VoIP Begin with a plan In order to successfully implement a VoIP-based network, first we need a plan that addresses your needs. We want to provide you with a phone system that works well for your organization—meeting if not exceeding your requirements. So, we need to know how you want the system…

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Phone Services

Select The Best Phone Service for Your Business

You need to make careful considerations when you choose a phone system for your business. In this day and age, the heavy domination by mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets makes a lot of business owners forget about paying close attention when selecting phone systems, assuming that their mobile devices will automatically cope. The…

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VoIP Call

Tips for Setting Up a VoIP System

Using VoIP calling is no more difficult than making a regular phone call. But there are key considerations to take into account when choosing a VoIP provider and implementing your system. Here are some tips that can help you get your VoIP system up and running more smoothly: Get a second Internet connection: When your phone…

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Wi-fi Router

A guide to buying a router

A router is an essential tool for connecting to the Internet. Routers connect to both your computer and your modem, allowing you to access the web. Think of it as a crossroads between your computer and your Internet connection. Buying a Router: You may be wondering what kind of router you should purchase. While there are…

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